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After fighting with Spurst to even get items shipped to me (same complaint as everyone - nothing in stock, return policy crazy, horrible customer service), I finally got 2 different shipments with my items. In the end I did not like either, so instead of shipping separately, I put them in their bags, and then put them into a UPS overnight box and sent it back.

They are now refusing the return saying my items were not in the original box and also added that they were stained.

They included a picture but I cannot see anything except a fault in the material. Don't know if they'll return the faulty items to me - it will take them a week to even reply (if they even do).

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Missouri City, Texas, United States #876436

to get these criminals, you have to report them to the FTC. Do a search.

They are a bunch of Pakistani kids and one illegal alien vietnamese hacker. They are laughing in the faces of Americans everywhere.

Research netbrands inc of Texas and 24hourwristbands.com to see how really bad they are! do your part or they will continue to thrive like cockroaches!

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