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A number of problems with Spurst: 1) Items are identified as in stock when they aren't; 2) No refunds issued for any reason; only store credit; 3) "in stock" items are still on back order four weeks after placing the order; 4) when given a choice between remaining on back order or taking a store credit, I chose to remain on back order; my order was cancelled instead with no refund issued; 5) called customer service twice, waited for 15 minutes both times, was cut off both times just after being informed that I was next in line. My sense is that the problems at Spurst aren't due to incompetence.

My sense is that the company knows exactly what it's doing.

Delay, delay, delay ... until you finally give up.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Missouri City, Texas, United States #876437

to get these criminals, you have to report them to the FTC. Do a search.

They are a bunch of Pakistani kids and one illegal alien vietnamese hacker. They are laughing in the faces of Americans everywhere.

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